MONSTA X’s I.M Thought A Female Idol Was Trying To Date Shownu—And He Wasn’t Having It

Shownu didn’t know what I.M said until she told him.

The MONSTA X members have such a close bond that they’re nearly brothers. So I.M proved just how protective they are of each other by shutting down one of his idol friends who seemed to be interested in dating Shownu.

Shownu and I.M. | @Official_MX_jp/Twitter

During an episode of Lipstick Prince 2DIA‘s Huihyeon revealed that she was close friends with I.M and immediately denied Super Junior‘s Heechul‘s question about them ever dating.

She then shared a conversation she once had with I.M. After watching one of MONSTA X’s latest performances, she was impressed by their cool moves and asked I.M if Shownu was their leader. The answer wasn’t what anyone had been expecting.

I.M immediately shut down any romantic thoughts by telling Huihyeon, “‘You’re not his type.’” It was so sudden that even Heechul was surprised and wondered why I.M said those words.

However, Shownu didn’t have a clue either. He was so flustered that all he could do was call I.M by his real name.

Since Huihyeon is the leader of her own group, she might’ve picked up on Shownu’s leader vibe. Either way, I.M didn’t hesitate to look out for both of his friends, causing an unintentionally funny moment.


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