MONSTA X’s I.M Opened Up About His Struggles During “No Mercy,” But Here’s How He Overcame It All

It required a heart of steel!

For fans of K-Pop and MONSTA X, it seems almost impossible to imagine the group any differently. With such strong, diverse, and talented members, they all come together to create a group that makes people feel safe.

In particular, fans have fallen in love with I.M. Although he sometimes seems cold on the outside, he actually has a gold heart. With his charming personality, raw talent, he fits perfectly in the group.

MONSTA X’s I.M | @OfficialMonstaX/ Twitter

Yet, many MONBEBE know that the journey wasn’t easy for I.M from the minute he made his first appearance on the reality show NO.MERCY. He recently sat down with Baverse Studio and was extremely honest about all parts of his career, from the highs, lows, and struggles.

In particular, he discussed the moments in his life that changed him the most. For him, it was the time he dropped out of school, when he broke up with his first love, and after he debuted.

Speaking to someone who has known him since his debut days reminds fans just how difficult his time on NO.MERCY was, especially considering he joined the lineup late.

One of the guests recalled how much I.M struggled during that time because of joining so late. It seemed as if I.M couldn’t agree more and remembered just how difficult it was at that time.

I joined the program NO.MERCY halfway through. I was really cursed out and rebuked. And that’s how I debuted. I suffered so much emotionally. I had so many reasons to be hated.

— I.M

For him, a hundred thoughts were running through his head during that time, after hearing all of these mean comments from around him, adding, “Who would ever listen to me?

Yet, despite all of this, he chose to stand strong. For him, he managed to get through it by focusing on the idea of being able to debut.

Luckily, fans quickly realized that I.M was the perfect fit in the group. His chemistry with the members quickly solidified the potential and success the group eventually had. Through hard times, Joohoney added that the members have only got stronger, which has enabled them to have such a successful and long career.

It shows that words and actions can always hurt even though someone might seem a certain way. With plenty of hardships throughout his career, I.M has stayed strong, stuck to his principles, and is an inspiration to many.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Baverse Studio