MONSTA X’s Individual Greetings Turned Into Who Could Tell The Funniest Lies

Someone send help for Minhyuk.

After a group’s signature team greeting, the individual introductions afterward simply point out everyone’s positions in the group. During an interview with AccessMONSTA X put a totally different spin on them.

Instead, everyone decided to one-up each other by saying completely fake ones that had them cracking up.

It all started with the first person to introduce themselves: I.M. With a hand resting on his chin, he cheekily said, “I am the face of this group.” Toward the end of saying it, he knew exactly what he’d started, smiling.

He slapped his knee and laughed, waiting for the funniness to unfold. With Hyungwon, he was able to keep it going.

Since he hadn’t known what to say, I.M gave him the perfect word. As Hyungwon said, “[I’m the] body of the group,” Shownu and I.M were on the side laughing it up.

At first, it didn’t seem like Kihyun would keep their shenanigans going. He started off by announcing he was the main vocal. Tapping into the fun, Kihyun added, “…and the main dancer.” Hyungwon was cracking up before the sentence was even finished, I.M joining in.

Minhyuk wasn’t playing any games with them. With I.M’s help, he announced that he was the bringer of good vibes in the group. On the flip side, Shownu took the cake for hilariousness.

With a completely straight face, comedian Shownu jumped right in: “I’m translator.” Kihyun, Hyungwon, and I.M instantly burst into loud laughter. Adding to the funniness, Minhyuk turned to look at the camera with a hilarious expression that said, “Well, this is news to me.”

Leave it up to MONSTA X to turn something as simple as greetings into a chance for laughter. They were all aces at it, especially based on Minhyuk’s reaction.