Monbebes Are Laughing Over This Reveal During A MONSTA X Interview

Here’s what the band members have to say about each other

With the release of their new (and first all-English) album, All About Luv, MONSTA X recently sat down for an interview with Billboard in NYC to discuss the album and also show how well they know each other.

In the game How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?, the members were asked a series of questions about who would be the most likely to do certain things.  As always, the answers have Monbebes very amused!

Shownu was voted the most likely to be a stand-up comedian – which Kihyun said is because he would be the last person to panic. And Minhyuk was voted to have the nicest hair, which he was pleased about, though Monbebes probably aren’t surprised!

Kihyun had everyone laughing when he was voted the most likely to forget the lyrics to a song – admitting afterwards that he had actually forgotten the lyrics to one of their songs just the day before!

And in typical I.M. style, when the maknae of the group was voted as the biggest troublemaker and the members claimed it was because he always disagrees with everything, the rapper quipped back with, “Yeah, I disagree with this too.”

You can watch the boys vote on other topics by watching the rest of their video up on Billboard’s website!