MONSTA X’s Jooheon Used To Be A “Scary Guy”

How could someone so cute be scary?

If you know MONSTA X‘s Jooheon, then you are familiar with his iconic aegyo. 

On a recent episode of The Manager, Jooheon was visited by fellow K-Pop idol and friend Mino from WINNER. In the footage, Jooheon and Mino are seen holding hands and swinging their arms to which the casts fonded over how cute they were.

This influenced comedian Hong Hyun Hee to bring up Jooheon’s “qqu qqu kka kka” aegyo creation and named him the “original cute guy.”

Despite being widely known for his aegyo, fellow MONSTA X member Shownu revealed Jooheon didn’t always act cute.

Jooheon wasn’t a really cute guy to start with. But since he became famous for that he has become more cheerful.

— Shownu

Jooheon added to Shownu statement and explained why he wasn’t cute and cheerful in the beginning: “Since I liked rap and hip-hop, I used to walk like…” to which he visually demonstrated his walk.

Host Jun Myun Moo then brought up that Jooheon back then used a lot of dark eye makeup and was just overall scary looking to him. He even confessed he was so scared of Jooheon that he ran away:

You were so mean. In the beginning he put on a lot of eyeliners. He was scaryI was so scared I ran away. I’m telling you the truth. He went around glaring all the time.

— Jun Myun Moo

The hosts and Jooheon laughed at Jun Myun Moo’s funny confession.

To avoid his mean image, Jooheon shared he created “qqu qqu kka kka.” He then continued and showed his famous aegyo to the hosts and viewers watching. The hosts reacted positively to Jooheon’s aegyo display and gave him nothing but praise.

We can’t get over Jooheon’s adorable personality!

Check out the whole video below: