MONSTA X’s Jooheon Shows His Love For GOT7’s JB With Heart Fluttering Gesture

Their friendship is cute!

After the SBS Gayo Daejeon ended, all the artists who attended the show were on the stage for their last appearance. As all artists were on the stage it was inevitable for fans to spot interactions between various K-Pop artists and groups!

One interaction that stood out among fans was the one between MONSTA X‘s Jooheon and GOT7‘s JB. While JB and the rest of the members of GOT7 were waving to the crowd, MONSTA X passed by them, greeted them, and gave them hugs.

But JB didn’t notice the MONSTA X members behind him and while he was waving, Jooheon gave him a semi back hug and waved to the audience too with his arm under JB’s! JB looked at Jooheon in a loving way and quickly grabbed his hand showing their affection for each other!

Many fans are touched by the sweet gesture they did for each other and wish to see more of them!