MONSTA X’s Joohoney Astounds Rapper Lee Young Ji By Revealing His Favorite Compliment To Receive

Monbebe already know the answer.

Recently MONSTA X’s Joohoney was a guest on rapper Lee Young Ji‘s YouTube segment No Prepare. The two connected over their loud personalities, and Joohoney revealed what compliment he likes receiving the most.

Lee Young Ji | @youngji_02/Instagram

Joohoney is known among fans to have a larger than life personality. It seems he may have met his match with Lee Young Ji. When they first met, they immediately matched each other’s energy by speaking loudly.

When Joohoney asked Lee Young Ji why she cast him for the show, she responded that he already knew the answer and continued by saying, “You and I we’re same, have same energy.” 

Later in the video, Lee Young Ji calls Joohoney a handsome guy. He responds by passionately saying, “Handsome. I love that word.” Joohoney then reveals that it is the compliment he likes to receive the most, even more than when people compliment his rapping or dancing.

It seems that Lee Young Ji listened well, considering the comment she later left on Joohoney’s picture on Instagram.

Joohoney | @official_monsta_x/Instagram


Honey is handsome.

At the beginning of the No Prepare segment, Lee Young Ji had pretended to be a couple with Joohoney, which threw him off guard and generated an adorable reaction.

Lee Young Ji said that she wanted to keep the bit going in order to make Monbebe jealous. Joohoney cut in saying that, “Monbebe is very jealous. They are always angry.”

Even though Joohoney said he doesn’t know why Monbebe are jealous, he acknowledged that he himself is a, “jealous guy.”

Maybe that’s why when tasked with the decision to share what he wants people to know about him, Joohoney’s first choice was to let people know, “He is the most handsome member in MONSTA X.” 

Lee Young Ji asked Joohoney where his confidence comes from. He answered, “I’m trying my best to do what I’m doing. I have to. That’s how you increase your self-esteem.” 

We can only hope to be as confident as Joohoney!

Watch the full video here.