MONSTA X’s Joohoney Didn’t Want To Date Minhyuk, So He Got The Best Revenge

Joohoney regretted his life choices when he saw Minhyuk’s plan 😂

Through Dingo School, MONSTA X stepped away from their idol image to go back to their roots as students. There was one entertaining twist: they could roast each other to their heart’s content.

Joohoney unintentionally started the roasting a little earlier during Minhyuk‘s turn. That didn’t stop Minhyuk from getting him back later.

For his introduction, Minhyuk decided to do something cute to appeal to his members. He whipped out a headband with dog ears attached and plopped it on his head. Joohoney was drawn to the look, “You look cute.”

Although it took a moment for Minhyuk to process what he’d said, he delivered a question that flipped the entire conversation for the funnier. He asked, “Am I? Do you want to go out with me?”

Making everyone laugh, Joohoney turned him down with a smile, “I’m sorry.” Even I.M was cracking up on the side from the exchange. Little did he know, Minhyuk had some hilarious revenge waiting for him later on.

Since he’d brought a pillow with Joohoney’s cute face on it, Minhyuk decided to make it un-cute. Once Joohoney saw it, he wasn’t a fan. Shownu and I.M, on the other hand, were losing it. I.M even made a request, “Nostril too, please.”

Minhyuk took I.M’s advice as the finishing touch in changing the cute Joohoney pillow into a hilarious nightmare. Joohoney tried to stop him but didn’t succeed, “My mom’s going to feel hurt when she watches it. Please, don’t.”

Unbothered, Minhyuk gave the camera a nice close-up of the humorous transformation.

Even when Minhyuk isn’t trying to be savage, he’s savagely funny. See him get revenge on Joohoney, who ended up winning along with Minhyuk in the end.