MONSTA X’s Joohoney And Minhyuk Are Thoughtful Seniors For Taking Care Of CRAVITY

They not only gave their little brothers some treats but advice as well.

For the first time in five years, Starship Entertainment debuted another boy group: CRAVITY. As their seniors, MONSTA X‘s Joohoney and Minhyuk couldn’t go without supporting them.

When the boys were preparing to go on stage to perform “Jumper”, they were all surprised to see Joohoney. Serim and Hyeongjun couldn’t hold back their excitement. He surprised them all with more than just his appearance, though.

After congratulating them on their debut, Joohoney treated them to their favorite bubble tea. He also gave them a piece of advice for performing on stage.

While Minhee, Serim, Wonjin, Hyeongjun, and Allen sipped on their drinks, Joohoney told them, “You have to tear apart the stage. Tear it apart. Tear it all apart.” Since he was the one who gifted the song “Jumper” to them, he wanted them to show their colors.

Since they were at SBS‘s Inkigayo, a MONSTA X member happened to be one of the hosts of the show: Minhyuk. He visited their waiting room and gave them some advice as well, “If you have something to ask, I’ll give you my contact information. You can ask me anytime.”

Minhyuk showed how caring he truly was, “Be comfortable around me.” He even added a special treat, “I’ll buy you coffee whenever you’re at Inkigayo.” That made all of their eyes light up.

Even though Joohoney and Minhyuk may not always physically be there as their seniors, they’re only a phone call away thanks to the latter. If MONSTA X were so kind to rookie group ONEUS, no wonder they’d be so helpful to CRAVITY too.

From gifting them a song to being ready to answer all their questions, any rookie idol would love to have Joohoney and Minhyuk as their seniors. See them look after CRAVITY here.