MONSTA X’s Joohoney Reveals The Spending Habit That Makes His Mom Scold Him

“I really have to work on it.”

Along with MONSTA X‘s Joohoney‘s feature in the November issue of 1st Look magazine, the rapper sat down with stylist Lee Dong Yeon for an episode of Please Take Care Of My Wardrobe.

While sharing details about how his unique fashion that many had been wondering about, Joohoney shared a spending habit that had his mom scolding him every time.

As if reading she could read minds, Lee Dong Yeon asked Joohoney if he had any particular habits or an obsession with a certain type of item when it came to fashion.

He admitted to struggling with the number of his purchases, “Spending habit. I really have to work on it.

Rather than holding himself back, Joohoney uses every single opportunity to purchase whatever catches his eye—no matter how costly. “I have a really bad spending habit. I go, and if I like something, I just buy it.

Despite an item possibly being released in a different version, Joohoney doesn’t miss the chance to purchase the original. “Some people will go like, ‘Ah, I’ll buy [it] when they make something else,” but I buy it right away.

Because of his lack of restraint with his spending, Joohoney revealed that his mom always gives him a stern talking to. “So, I was scolded by my mother often.

Even as an adult, many could still use their parents’ advice—especially when it comes to finances. Watch Joohoney share how his mom tries to keep his finances on the right track.