MONSTA X’s Joohoney Is “Uncle Honey” And He’s The Sweetest Kind There Is

No wonder he has honey in his name!

On TEMgongju‘s YouTube channel, which belongs to Esther Tham who is a close friend of MONSTA X‘s Joohoney, he was spotted spending quality time with Esther’s daughter Olivia in Dallas, TX. Joohoney was titled “Uncle Honey” throughout the video – and Monbebes, upon seeing how sweet he is with Oli, realized it’s the perfect name for him!


In the video, “Oli” was seen super excited to reunite with her superstar “Uncle Honey”. When Oli showed up at Joohoney’s door to pick him up, the two of them held hands all the way back to Esther’s house!


Oli even said “Uncle Honey” and she are best friends – and Joohoney’s gorgeous smile to Oli’s affectionate statement is the cutest thing Monbebes have ever seen!


Throughout the video, Oli bonded with “Uncle Honey” and Joohoney showed off his excellent uncle skills. After a fine afternoon tea time…


… and a thrilling “Operation Sneak Attack” on Oli’s father, the two grew pretty much inseparable and completely fond of each other!


In fact, it isn’t only “Uncle Honey” whom Oli loves. Oli has all 7 of MONSTA X to call her uncle. When she was in Los Angeles, Oli met up with her seven “samchon-s (삼촌, uncle)” and was the happiest princess in the world!


Monbebes look forward to seeing more of Joohoney’s “Uncle Honey” side with Oli. If he isn’t the sweetest uncle in the world!


Watch the full clip here: