MONSTA X’s Kihyun Is Confident On Stage But When Faced With Fans, It’s A Completely Different Story

And fans think it’s the cutest thing ever!

Every single K-Pop idol exudes a ton of confidence when they’re on stage and when it comes to MONSTA X, each of the members seems so sure of their abilities. This is especially true of Kihyun.


When it comes to confidence on stage, Kihyun comes out on top. His vocals, dance moves, and sheer charisma always make Monbebes hearts stop.


His angelic voice is always on full-display and it seems like he is completely in his zone.


The stage is definitely the place that lets Kihyun shine!


With so much confidence on display, it might be hard to believe that when faced with fans, Kihyun becomes incredibly shy.


This is especially true when fans praise Kihyun’s amazing visuals.


He suddenly becomes shy and embarrassed and doesn’t seem to know what to do!


While it seems like Kihyun should be used to fans gushing over him, he definitely isn’t. During a recent fan meeting, fans once again gave some praise to Kihyun…


And his reaction was just as surprised and precious as all the other times!


Monbebes have known that about his reactions for a long time now, but still can’t get over how adorable he acts when presented with some praise!


It just goes to show that just because Kihyun appears all cool and confident on stage, it doesn’t mean he can’t also be extremely shy and fluffy too! And his reaction to being called handsome really is the cutest!