MONSTA X’s Kihyun Endorses A Mint-Choco Brand Much To Minhyuk’s Dismay

The mint-choco drama is REAL.

Mint chocolate is a sensitive subject for MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk, as it’s widely known that he absolutely despises the flavor. He has often expressed how much he hates it in interviews, livestreams, and even during fan signs!

Therefore, MONBEBEs began to freak out after fellow member Kihyun did an advertisement for epimint, a brand of ice cream that specializes in different variations of mint chocolate chip! On July 20, Kihyun posted photos of himself enjoying a few tubs of epimint ice cream.

Whew… I have been waiting for this day. There’s nothing new about mint chocolate chip, but there’s 5 different flavors… mint chocolate chip lovers, gather here!!!!!!!

— Kihyun

Kihyun later went onto UNIVERSE to further express his love for mint-choco. When one MONBEBE asked him about when he began to enjoy the flavor, he responded with a simple, “Since when I was born” and a cute emote.

Some MONBEBEs have already begun to imagine what Minhyuk’s response will be, as less than a month ago Kihyun had played a prank on him with mint chocolate flavored beer and the end result was NOT pretty.

He came in looking completely exhausted. There was one mint chocolate chip beer sitting all alone in front of the door that he didn’t see. I was watching from afar before I stopped him by saying, ‘Oh oh!’ It looked like he was going to kick it because he didn’t see it there. He said ‘Oh what is it?!’ so I told him, ‘I left a mint chocolate chip beer in front of your door.’ He responded by saying, ‘Why did you leave trash in front of my door’ and cursed at me a few times.

— Kihyun

A few MONBEBEs have already created memes about the situation with funny Minhyuk reaction photos!

What do you think about MONSTA X’s mint-choco drama?