This Is Why EXO-Ls Are Saying MONSTA X’s Kihyun Is Promoting EXO Better Than Anybody

Kihyun just keeps proving his love for EXO.

MONSTA X‘s Kihyun just keeps on getting more and more love from EXO-Ls!


A few weeks ago, Monbebes and EXO-Ls heard a rumor that Kihyun had a little too much to drink on new year’s and danced to EXO‘s “Tempo” in front of his members. At the same time, he was said to have promised to practice the moves and show everyone them later. Although no one knows if the rumors are true or not they do know one thing, Kihyun has been practicing “Tempo”!


In the span of a week, Kihyun demonstrated the moves to EXO’s hit song at a few fan meeting events…


And even on Idol Radio!


He keeps performing the moves any chance he gets and the only thing he needs to prompt his dancing is a bucket hat!  His love for them has also rubbed off on Minhyuk who was recently spotted having a “Tempo” dance relay with Kihyun!


Even if Kihyun himself isn’t sure if EXO-Ls love all the attention he’s been giving the song…


EXO-Ls really do! Many fans have expressed just how much they enjoy seeing him dance to the song and they’ve even stated that Kihyun is promoting EXO better than anybody!


Not to mention how happy they were seeing his smiling face when someone gave him an EXO album!


Don’t worry Kihyun, you didn’t mess up anybody’s tempo so keep on dancing and putting a smile on everyone’s face!