MONSTA X’s Kihyun Opens Up On His Thoughts About Fanboys

He’s all for male fans supporting them.

When it comes to the general audience of boy groups, the majority of their fans tend to be female. MONSTA X‘s fans are no different in this regard, except there are plenty of males who show their support as well. With their powerful performances and concepts that can appeal to all genders, it hasn’t been difficult for them.

In a past interview with GQ, the magazine asked the group how they felt about attracting the attention of male fans. Wanting to share his perspective on it, Kihyun took the lead.

He didn’t think there was anything unusual about it. In fact, Kihyun had his own particular view on how male fans gravitated toward them in the first place. He explained by referring to actors, forming his own metaphor for the situation.

Kihyun began by putting everyone into the shoes of someone, most likely a male, noticing a male actor, “It’s the same way when you see a good-looking actor on screen.”

Regardless of any other factors, it’s simple for someone to acknowledge the actor’s physical appearance objectively, “You can say, ‘Wow. That’s a good-looking guy.'” In saying this, Kihyun was also referring to how fanboys could see MONSTA X on stage and think similar thoughts.

After seeing that actor for the first time, they’d want to see more of them from then onward, “And that’s how you become a fan.” Kihyun applied that same logic to their group, effectively explaining why he’d thought male fans, in particular, were supporting them.

Just like everyone else, they see qualities in the members that they can admire or relate to. After all, fanboys are still fans. No matter what, MONSTA X understands and loves all their Monbebes equally.

Source: GQ