MONSTA X Kihyun Reveals He Let SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Pick His Hair Color

S.Coups made sure Kihyun would look his best.

MONSTA X Kihyun has been wowing MONBEBE with his gorgeous violet-colored locks, but he revealed that purple actually wasn’t his first choice for a hair color.

He really wanted blue hair, but while he was at the hairdresser he was next to SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups who advised him to go with purple.

Kihyun said that he didn’t want to go with something similar to what he’s done before, and he previously wore purple hair during MONSTA X’s The Connect world tour.

Kihyun performing at MONSTA X’s The Connect World Tour in 2018

S.Coups insisted saying that it would look good on him, so he caved and went with purple instead of blue.

S.Coups with, ironically, icy-blue hair

Maybe someday Kihyun will fulfill his hair color dreams of getting blue hair, but until then MONBEBE are soaking up every bit of his purple hair that they can.