MONSTA X’s Kihyun Stunned Fans By Wearing See-Through Pants

Kihyun kept his promise and left fans feeling very attacked:

Airport fashion is often the stuff of legends. It’s where we can see idols rocking everything from laid-back looks to high-end fashion and even superhero costumes, but Monbebes were not prepared for what MONSTA X‘s Kihyun wore to the airport this time around.


During the promotional period for “Alligator”, Kihyun made a promise to fans that if they won first place during a music show, he would wear Wonho‘s famous see-through pants.


Wonho’s pants were airport fashion that had fans going wild. He wore this particular look during the group’s “Shoot Out” era and it quickly became famous among the fandom which was really no surprise!


As MONSTA X, took home 4 wins with “Alligator” fans were wondering when they’d see Kihyun appear in the legendary outfit and the day finally came on March 26! Spotted at the airport, Kihyun not only kept his promise to wear the sexy pants…


But also the see-through shirt, completing Wonho’s entire epic outfit!


Dressed in the black transparent clothes, Kihyun had hearts fluttering.


Even if he seemed a bit embarrassed to be wearing the outfit himself!


Monbebes were quick to capture the special moment and even his fellow members couldn’t help snapping a few photos to remember it too!


As the pictures have been sweeping through the internet, fans have been going wild for the epic outfit and for Kihyun’s determination to keep his promise.


This heart-stopping look is certainly one that will go down in airport fashion history!