MONSTA X’s Kihyun Takes Time To Improve His English Even During An Interview

He takes his learning very seriously.

MONSTA X‘s Kihyun has diligently been learning English. During an interview with iHeartRadio, it’s clear he takes any opportunity to improve his skills.


When Ellie Lee gave them candy they’d all eaten in their childhood, Kihyun was quick to ask what the name of it, cheongpodo, was when translated into English.

Noona, what is cheongpodo in English?

Since Ellie isn’t fluent in Korean, she asked what the first word cheong meant, which they all answered was blue.

With that in mind, Ellie told Kihyun that it translated to Blue Grape in English. They were all confused by this because the candy was green rather than grape.

The fact that Kihyun stopped and asked how to translate a phrase in the middle of an interview shows just how seriously he wants to improve his English. Watch Kihyun furthering his skills here.