MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Takes Us Through His Backstage Routine At SBS’ Inkigayo

Although he’s no longer the MC, we enjoyed this tour!

In a recent vlog uploaded to MONSTA X‘s official YouTube channel, former Inkigayo MC Minhyuk took us behind the scenes at the SBS music show!

The vlog started off with him on his way to the set, already dressed in a pretty yellow hanbok. As they drove, he talked to the viewers about how he and the other MCs–APRIL‘s Naeun and NCT‘s Jaehyun–would know which artists were nominated for the award at the end of the show but they didn’t always know their songs, so they would listen to them backstage.

Because when there are candidates for 1st place… Actually, I didn’t know all [of them] because I can’t listen to all of them. A lot of songs that I didn’t know came out, so I listen to a lot of new songs. We know the candidates for the 1st place, for us MCs. We just know the candidates. We listen to the candidates’ songs.


Once he was dressed and ready to start filming, he took a few minutes to take pictures backstage, and kept being complimented by passing producers and cameramen!

They are our camera directors, and they really like us, MONSTA X. So when they see us, they always say that we look handsome and cool. They’re the best.




Afterwards, Minhyuk stopped by the cafeteria to pick up some snacks, explaining that it operates under deferred payments. All he had to do was tell the cashiers his name and he was free to go with his snacks!

He cutely told viewers and fans that if they are ever to debut, they can buy snacks for themselves using his name!

The store is operated under deferred payment. You can buy anything under my name. If you ever debut, then go buy something under my name. And then give me a notice. You have to at least notify me, since I have to pay.


Right before he went on, he quickly touched up his makeup.

Time for work!

He looks so good up there on stage.

When he was done recording for the day, he sank into the couch, tired and ready to go home.

Before leaving, he changed out of his hanbok into his every day clothes.

Finally, at 4:52 PM, he got all his things together and was ready to leave.

Bye, Minhyuk! It was fun following you around for a day!

Source: YouTube