MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Is A Total Boss While Posting A Video In The Middle Of MAMA

He’s probably the first to do this.

The 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards was a star-studded event held on December 4 in the Nagoya Dome, Japan.

MONSTA X in particular made their mark with their charismatic and energetic performance.

They definitely had a busy night as they even brought home two awards: Worldwide Fan’s Choice and World Performer.

While exciting, the awards show was over two hours long, and maybe that was why Minhyuk got a little bit tired.

He made Monbebes all over laugh out loud by posting a video in the group’s fancafe while MAMA was still ongoing.

The video he entitled “Gift” was a behind the scenes dance practice of MONSTA X’s performance.

Fans couldn’t help but comment that he was 100% relatable.

Even if Minhyuk posted the video during a relatively inopportune time, Monbebes agreed that he killed it!

Check out their performance below!




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