MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Once (Jokingly) Called Fans Embarrassing When They Guessed “Crispy D***” During A Game Of Pictionary

We love the relationship between MONSTA X and Monbebe!

We love it when fans and idols have a great relationship with each other! MONSTA X and Monbebe are famous for it. The teasing nature of their relationship peaked during a game of pictionary on Naver Now radio. Minhyuk had drawn a picture of a rat with flames as a phrase to guess.

The correct answer was jwi-bul nol-i, which is a traditional game played on the First Full Moon Day (Daeboreum) involving fire. As jwi means rat in Korean and bul nol-i means playing with fire, Minhyuk had drawn a rat playing with fire.

He quickly read the live comments from fans only to realize that fans were guessing the phrase, gochu basasak. While gochu basasak as a phrase became commonplace as it is the name of a flavor of fried chicken in South Korea, it literally means “Cripsy Chili Pepper”. However, Gochu, or “Chili Pepper”, is slang for d*** in South Korea. Given the dubious position of the fire flames in Minhyuk’s drawing, it’s reasonable that fans guessed the answer to be gochu basasak! This was his face when he read the comments.

Minhyuk quickly called for fans to stop as he jokingly called it embarrassing, especially as PENTAGON was on as guests that week.

Right now the fans are seeing this and calling it gochu basasak. Don’t do that sort of things. Monbebe, it’s embarrassing. Do this sort of thing only when it’s just us. I mean I like it but… do it when it’s just us. Next week, next week.

— Minhyuk

Check out the cute clip below.

What made things funnier was fans printing the drawing and making it into a pop socket. They bragged about it to Minhyuk, asking him to “oppa please look at this gochu basasak once“. He actually replied with, “stop it“.

| @monekgayo/Twitter

Said pop socket somehow made its way to Minhyuk as well. We’d have the same look on our faces if our fans did this to us.

| @monekgayo/Twitter

Whoever made that is a legendary fan indeed. We love watching cute interactions between fans and idols like this!