If MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Could Film With SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, Here’s What They’d Do

Minhyuk has it all planned out, at least the important parts.

Out of all the idol groups that have friendships with each other, MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN are the ultimate friendship goals. From hyping up each other’s performances to hanging out together whenever they get the chance, they’re true friends.

With so many members between both groups, one of the closest friendships among them is between Minhyuk and Jeonghan.

Considering their bond, a fan had a question ready for Minhyuk during one of their fan signing events. If the pair were given the opportunity to star in an episode of Celebrity Bromance, as Joohoney and GOT7‘s Jackson did, what would they do together?

The question hadn’t been one that Minhyuk had been expecting. After some thought and writing down, “Umm…,” he selected two different activities that he wouldn’t mind the two of them doing together for a shooting.

The first thing Minhyuk came up with is, “Going to see flowers.” Not only would he and Jeonghan be able to take in all the different kinds of pretty flowers, but they’d be able to relax and take some beautiful photos to remember it. The second option tied into the first.

Minhyuk kept it short and sweet by writing, “Picnic.” If they were already surrounded by the beauty of flowers, there was only one more way to make it even more enjoyable. Add food to the equation. Just imagining and Jeonghan and Minhyuk laying out a picnic is adorable all on its own.

Although the show Celebrity Bromance has long ended, Jeonghan and Minhyuk could still film together using these locations. Regardless of when it would happen, Monbebes and Carats would absolutely be tuning in to watch.

If the two can have fun all by themselves, it would be even more entertaining to capture some of those moments on camera.

Finding out what specifically brought them closer together would be a special treat as well. Until then, fans will be waiting for more interactions between them.