MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Fulfills The One Wish He Wanted To Do In NYC

Everything just fell into place.

While MONSTA X took a bus tour around NYC with MTV News, they were asked if there was anything they wanted to do as a tourist.


Minhyuk said, “I want to eat [a] hotdog [on the] street.” Seemingly interested in his answer, I.M asked what he would put on it.

Minhyuk kept it simple by saying all that he needed was ketchup and mustard, which is precisely what he received.

He was pleasantly surprised with a hot dog topped how he’d wanted, the pure joy on his face saying it all.

This is my dream in New York City.

After eating it though, his reaction wasn’t as grand as he’d expected. It tasted like an average hot dog to him.

On the positive side, he did accomplish one of his dreams. Watch Minhyuk’s happy reaction to the simple hot dog here.