Monsta X Minhyuk Speaking English Had Both the Audience and the Members In Stitches

Monsta X‘s Minhyuk tried to communicate with his English-speaking fans with his limited English, and his adorable charms left the audience and his group members blushing.

Arirang recently made a new segment called Simply’s Mini Meet, where fans and idols can communicate together. Monsta X was the first idol guest to be in the segment with I.M. and Kihyun as their MC.

To gift their fans, they decided to do a lottery system where the members choose numbers and the audience member with that number wins a signed album. Once a fan won, Minhyuk began shocking everyone with his hilarious English.

“It is yours? Yes. Oh, wow! You look so gorgeous, oh my god. Really? Okay!”

— Minhyuk

After making fellow member Kihyun die from laughter, Kihyun asked Minhyuk if he could hold a conversation in English with one of their fans. Minhyuk went up to a fan and asked for her name as he called her pretty. His members told him to be confident and continue the conversation to which Minhyuk replied with, “Perfect.” Jooheon then asked Minhyuk to ask her where she is from, but Minhyuk ran off and ended the conversation there leaving the fan laughing.

Watch the entertaining segment below!