MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Threatens To Spill Their Secrets All Because Of Kihyun

Kihyun opened a can of worms.

MONSTA X had to choose the member who was best at keeping secrets. Kihyun instantly excluded Minhyuk.


Minhyuk didn’t like that at all and said he was the one who kept the most secrets. Hyungwon and I.M couldn’t help but laugh at this.

Since no one would take Minhyuk seriously, he asked if he should spill all of their secrets to prove it. Everyone, including Kihyun, voiced their objection to having their secrets shared.

In that case, should I open my mouth and reveal it first?

Of course, Minhyuk didn’t reveal any juicy tidbits and confirmed he was good at keeping secrets secret. The rest of MONSTA X may want to watch their backs from now on.

It’ll be a big problem for all of you if I reveal something about each of you.

In the end, Kihyun agreed that they all were good at keeping secrets. Watch Kihyun avoid a crisis with Minhyuk.