MONSTA X Minhyuk’s Tweet To A Fan Shows His Puppy Personality All Too Well

He’s the biggest sweetheart ever.

During their recent visit to Las Vegas, MONSTA X members spent some time on Twitter, interacting with their fans. Monbebes had a blast leaving special messages for the members and hoping they’ll receive personal replies from MONSTA X.


Unfortunately, not all Monbebes got that lucky. One discouraged fan playfully left a sassy message, whining that everyone else was getting the attention. What she didn’t know was that this tweet was about to get noticed by…

Why isn’t anyone interacting with me? -_-

— Monbebe


… none other than the sweetheart Minhyuk.


Realizing the tone of slight frustration in the tweet, Minhyuk also playfully tweeted his response…

Okay, talk to us, but don’t get upset…

— Minhyuk


… and Monbebes can’t help but UWU at how the personality in this particular tweet is 200% Minhyuk. He is sweet, sensitive, and super soft — like a giant puppy…


… and it shows in his adorable tweet trying to calm the frustrated Monbebe down! Fans know in their hearts, had Minhyuk been given the time, he would have most likely replied to all the tweets.


That’s just who he is — and that’s why we love him!