MONSTA X Revealed Which Music Video Was Their Favorite To Film

Hyungwon was just as interested to know 😆

Since MONSTA X‘s debut, the group has filmed many music videos for their Korean, Japanese, and English tracks. When they had to choose the one that was the most special to film, there was one that stuck out.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Sitting down with Seventeen magazine, they answered which music video took the top spot as their favorite to film. Before the others could think through all their music videos, Minhyuk immediately had one in mind.

He chose their track “ALL IN” from their mini-album, The Clan Part.1 Lost. He said, “That music video’s color was like…[a] dream.Joohoney caught his meaning and agreed, “Like [a] movie? Yeah, the colors are nice.

Kihyun and Joohoney pointed out what made it so different from all their others, “It was cinematic.

Since the music video recently gained attention from the themes and interpretations from some of its scenes, it makes sense why it was still one of their favorites.

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