Monbebes Can’t Get Enough of The Softer Side of MONSTA X in “Someone’s Someone” MV

“So completely perfect, perfect with no reasons.”

MONSTA X, on a streak of dropping one English bop after another, released a brand new music video for their latest track, “Someone’s Someone”. Not only is the full English, soft-pop track a complete bliss for the ears, MONSTA X’s visuals in its aesthetic music video have Monbebes absolutely in love!


From Shownu by the beach…


… to Wonho in the rain…


… and Hyungwon at the bar…


… “Someone’s Someone” leaves Monbebes thoroughly satisfied!


Upon releasing the song full of such UWU-vibes, MONSTA X revealed they wish to remain Monbebe’s “someone” forever, unconditionally.

We love the song’s message of unity, being connected to someone and not being alone. We are always here for our Monbebes and we belong to them unconditionally.



With that said, the song has become somewhat of a promise between MONSTA X and Monbebes to become and remain that connection to each other — and Monbebes simply can’t get enough of all the MONSTA X love!


Watch the full video here:

Source: ET Canada