MONSTA X Was Once Asked What They’d Like As A Gift — And Their Honest Answer Is Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Who can blame them for their answer, right?

As a fan of MONSTA X, you may feel that the wonderful members of this amazing boy group are in another level of their own.

After all, they have the sweet voice of an angel…

…but they can also rap like a beast.

Their visuals are gorgeously breathtaking, and sometimes when you look at their pictures or watch them perform art in motion…

…it’s easy to get confused and mistake them for demigods instead of actual human beings.

And then, something like this interview happens, and you’re once again given the confirmation that yes, MONSTA X may seem like otherworldly creatures, but in the end, they’re also simple, humble and totally relatable people, too.

In one of their past interviews, MONSTA X members were asked about what they’d like to receive as a gift since they moved at their new dorm.

The members answered “wet wipes” because they’re very useful and they can use it for cleaning.

The members were obviously trying to answer in an appropriate way since they’re being interviewed, but Hyungwon decided to drop everything and just say that they like wet wipes too because that’s what they use instead of toilet paper.

The host can be clearly seen laughing along with them in a relaxed atmosphere…

…and one of the members made the environment more enjoyable by blurting out that wet wipes are moist.

Such a refreshingly honest answer from the boys!