MONSTA X Open Up About Overcoming The Negativity They Faced

Last year was brutal for them, but they came out on top.

Last year MONSTA X was hit hard with negative attention. From losing member Wonho due to charges he was later cleared of to clearing up accusations brought up against Shownu, the group and fans had a difficult time handling everything that was thrown at them.

Fortunately, everyone was able to come out of it on the other side. The group went on to promote as six, while Wonho began to promote as a solo artist, still making time for all seven of them to spend time together. Thinking back on those rough times, MONSTA X opened up about how they were able to overcome it during an interview with CLASH magazine.

As the leader, Shownu was honest about their mindset at the time. He couldn’t deny the impact of how all the negativity shaped their emotions, “It’s true that there were harsh times for me and our members, and I’ve had some negative thoughts…”

Even so, they didn’t let it keep them down. They were able to keep sight of the future they wanted with fans by their side, “But, we hold out and enjoy our moments thinking about a bright future and our fans.”

Minhyuk revealed the true reason why they were able to stick it out and come out on top. No matter what’s thrown at them, they can take it down together, “[The] reason why Monsta X is so strong is that we came together to overcome all the difficulties.”

Speaking for them all, Hyungwon thanked all the fans who didn’t stop supporting them, “For the fans who trusted us and waited for us, let’s work harder. Let’s do more now so that we don’t regret it later.”

If MONSTA X was forged in the fire of a survival show and overcame everything they did last year, nothing can stop them from being together.

Although all seven of them may not be together in name, they’re still a family supporting each other. They’re keeping the name of MONSTA X alive like they’d all worked hard to.

Source: CLASH