MONSTA X Had To Pick Between $10 Million And True Love, And I.M’s Answer Was Relatable AF

Even Hyungwon had to give him props.

MONSTA X had an interview with PowerATL where they were asked to make an important choice: ten million dollars or true love.

Initially, the question made them laugh, especially Kihyun and Shownu, with one joking that the other would choose money.

In the end though, the majority of them chose true love over the millions of dollars. But, I.M had an answer that took the cake.

With the straightest face possible, he said, “$10 million is my true love.” It caused them all to laugh, even the host. And, Hyungwon found it so clever he had to clap in appreciation.

I.M doesn’t hold back anything no matter what he’s talking about. See their reaction to his wise words here.