MONSTA X Pick Outfits For Each Other, And They Were A Complete Mess

No one can embarrass MONSTA X like MONSTA X.

MONSTA X‘s Joohoney, Minhyuk, and Hyungwon formed their own group and decided to go shopping for clothes.


That’s when one of them had the bright idea to should choose outfits for each other. And, it’s just as funny as you’d expect.

Hyungwon divided up who would pick outfits for who. Minhyuk chose Hyungwon’s; Joohoney chose Minhyuk’s; Hyungwon chose Joohoney’s. It was supposed to be done with the intent of it being a serious outfit. But, that’s not how they work.

Minhyuk debuted his outfit first. As soon as he stepped out, he looked like a total fisherman, even pretending to reel in fish before blowing a confident kiss.

Then came Hyungwon with street style that was totally fisherman-inspired, with the entire look somehow working together. And, of course, the fashionable crop top.

Joohoney showed off his look last. The dressy top and bottom paired with sandals and sunglasses made it look completely out of place, especially considering the previous two outfits.

But, they ended up paying for the funny outfits and wore them for the day. Watch them debut their new styles here. Who do you think did best?