MONSTA X Proves Their Close Friendship By Revealing The Hardest Part About Touring

They all feel sad when it happens.

MONSTA X sat down with iHeartRadio for a special Ask Anything Chat where they answered questions submitted by fans.

Kihyun read one asking what was most fun and most difficult about being on a world tour.

For Wonho, he chose when a member is sick. Once he’d said it, most of them agreed with him, nodding their heads. Kihyun said, “Right.” Wonho further explained that it was difficult to stand on stage without all of them there.

Both Minhyuk and Joohoney revealed that they’d had hard times being sick or hurt while on tour. So, they confirmed that being healthy was the most important, especially if they all want to stand on stage together.

MONSTA X have been together for years, so they’ve formed a special bond as a group. And, they feel the void when someone is missing. Listen to them discuss it here.