MONSTA X Ready To Punch A Toaster Is So Relatable You’ll Feel Their Frustration

They were ready to go Super Saiyan.

MONSTA X starred in an episode of Idol Room, and they had to complete a very specific task. That task was catching a piece of toast with their mouth as it popped out of a toaster.


After tasting failure one too many times, MONSTA X’s frustration began to rise. Hyungwon was ready to punch the toaster when he stopped himself mid-strike.

Leader Shownu had to stop himself from taking out his anger on the toaster as well.

Joohoney even beat against the toaster as he chanted, “Let’s go!”

In the end, three of the members succeeded in the mission. But, it serves as a reminder that everyone gets frustrated and sometimes it takes multiple tries to succeed in something.

Watch their frustration levels rise through the roof and check out their dramatic reactions at 1:57.