MONSTA X Recall Their Hilarious Reactions To First Hearing Their Group Name

It is definitely a unique name!

MONSTA X recently sat down in a video called Monsta X Vs. The Internet on the Men’s Health YouTube channel! The members searched through various websites and answered questions about the group.

On the site Quora, one post asked, “Why is Monsta X named Monsta X? What is the history behind their group name?

Straight away, Minhyuk answered, “We didn’t know!” Kihyun then added that all of the members hated that name when they first heard it! They both then explained that it was because none of them had any idea what the name actually meant.

Joohoney pointed out that he thought MONSTA X was way too long, and Kiyhun said that it was also a name that wasn’t that easy to pronounce!

Luckily, after over five years with the name, I.M said the members were now used to their name.

Make sure to watch the whole interview below for more wholesome MONSTA X!