MONSTA X Showcase Their Art Skills Revealing The Member They Would Most Like To Live With

Who would you pick?

MONSTA X recently appeared on W Korea‘s YouTube channel! The members were given a series of questions and answered them through drawings giving fans an insight into their lives and showcasing their artistic skills!

One of the questions was which member they would choose to live with!

Shownu was the first member to take his pick, and Minhyuk was curious about why the drawing had someone carrying a trash bag. Luckily, it all made sense in the end.

This is Kihyun cleaning things, and he’s really good at cleaning. He’s carrying either a vacuum or a mop.

— Shownu

The following two members were Minhyuk and Joohoney, and luckily, they picked each other! Minhyuk had drawn Joohoney with a microphone singing because it always fills him with energy when they’re together.

Joohoney’s drawing was a simple arrow pointing to Minhyuk because of all the chats they could have! Even the simplicity of the art couldn’t hide Minhyuk’s excitement at being picked.

Kihyun was next and picked leader Shownu. With the accurate drawing, there was no denying the reason Shownu was picked as Kihyun explained that, “I feel like I’d work out more if I lived with Shownu.”

Despite his reservations about his art skills, I.M also picked Kihyun.

The final member was Hyungwon, who showcased his pick with an adorable picture of Minhyuk. Although the reason was that they had lived together before, the sentiment was still there!

With so many combinations, it seems like any member of MONSTA X would be a great roommate!

Source: W Korea