MONSTA X Reveal The Source Of Inspiration Behind All The Major Bops They Drop

This is what keeps them going and going.

In a recent interview with 104.3 MYfm with Kevin Manno, MONSTA X members were asked to discuss some of the inspiration behind their work. And their answer was nothing short of pure perfection!


When the interviewer asked for “any major influences” that the members share in common when it comes to working on their music…


… the members didn’t hesitate to agree as Wonho answered, “Monbebes”.

Wonho: Monbebes?
I.M: Yeah, our fan base.
Kevin: Oh, that’s nice!


So it seems, the fans keep MONSTA X moving forward – just like MONSTA X keep them moving forward…


… and of course, Monbebes are touched to hear that they are the source which fuels MONSTA X to keep dropping hit tracks and dominating the K-Pop world with their awesomeness!


Watch the full interview here:


And listen to their Monbebe-inspired fan song, “I’ll Be There”: