MONSTA X Reveal The Source Of Inspiration Behind All The Major Bops They Drop

This is what keeps them going and going.

In a recent interview with 104.3 MYfm with Kevin Manno, MONSTA X members were asked to discuss some of the inspiration behind their work. And their answer was nothing short of pure perfection!

monsta x main

When the interviewer asked for “any major influences” that the members share in common when it comes to working on their music…

… the members didn’t hesitate to agree as Wonho answered, “Monbebes”.

Wonho: Monbebes?
I.M: Yeah, our fan base.
Kevin: Oh, that’s nice!

So it seems, the fans keep MONSTA X moving forward – just like MONSTA X keep them moving forward…

monsta x with fans

… and of course, Monbebes are touched to hear that they are the source which fuels MONSTA X to keep dropping hit tracks and dominating the K-Pop world with their awesomeness!

monsta x feature


Watch the full interview here:

And listen to their Monbebe-inspired fan song, “I’ll Be There”:

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