MONSTA X Reveals Why They All Went With Black Hair For Recent Promotions

They took into consideration what MONBEBEs liked the most.

Recently, MONSTA X released behind-the-scene videos for their ninth mini album, One Of A Kind, through Naver V LIVE and YouTube. In the videos, the members are seen filming the jacket photo shoot for their album. 

The members were seen showing off a natural yet calm style with their suits. Their masculinity could be seen through their physique as they interacted with each other for the shoot. 

In particular, when asked the reason why all members had black hair for this promotion, Jooheon commented, “We all have black hair, I pushed that opinion very hard because I considered all the styles that MONBEBEs really liked so far and I wanted to get the best result this time. So I put them together to get this result.”

The group recently completed activities for their new album and plan on continuing to meet fans through various music activities and self-produced content on the MON CHANNEL.

Source: osen