MONSTA X Shared The Cutest Drawings Ever To Celebrate Their 4th Anniversary

You can feel the love in these drawings.

MONSTA X‘s 4th Anniversary celebrations just keep rolling in! Due to differences in time zones, often times idols get two full days to celebrate with their fans in Korea and Internationally. For their latest round of celebrations, each MONSTA X member drew what he felt would be the perfect representation of his feelings towards MONBEBE, and the finished products are just too pure.

For Hyungwon‘s picture he decided to draw inspiration from PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS (or PUBG), adding a heart atop the gun to shoot MONBEBE with his love.

Sometimes (definitely in this case) less is more, and with those two simple words I.M fully conveyed his feelings to MONBEBE.

Jooheon enlisted the help of Shownu to complete his drawing so it’s double filled with love.

Shownu’s own drawing was an ode to his mukbang series on M2, OmNomNom.

Shownu on the set of OmNomNom

Kihyun not only said “I love you” to MONBEBE in Korean, but also in English. This multi-lingual king added a rainbow flower and hearts for the perfect finishing touches.

Minhyuk‘s drawing is a cuteness overload. He might actually be a fairy prince after all.

MONSTA X’s resident artist drew each of the members’ animal-counterparts in front of a sign that says “We love you MONBEBE”. He didn’t forget to give himself two earrings and… horns…

MONSTA X also shared a very special and very rare picture from around the time of their debut. They are too precious for this world and deserve nothing but the best of what the future has to offer.


Source: @officialmonstax