MONSTA X Show Off Their Softest Sides In This Self-Cam Video, Leaving Monbebes UwU

They’ve gone extra-extra soft.

In a newly unveiled self-camera version of the soundtrack for MONSTA X’s Puppy Day called “Breathe For You”, MONSTA X members are captured being their most natural and gorgeous selves. The 3+ minute video is so full of soft vibes that it’s making Monbebes drop all their UWUs.


From Minhyuk in pink, looking as darling as ever…


… to Joohoney and I.M flashing the fans with their absolutely flawless skin…


… this video is jam-packed with MONSTA X’s “soft” visual…


… that is otherwise hard to see on stage when they’re fully engaged in the extra-tough charismatic mode!


Monbebes immediately fell in love with this self camera version.


… which is understandable. Would you be able to resist MONSTA X telling you they only “Breathe For You”?


Watch the full video here: