MONSTA X’s Shownu Gave DIA’s Chaeyeon A Makeover and The Chemistry Left Fans Breathless

They’re totally worth shipping.

On Lipstick Prince, MONSTA X‘s Shownu got to show off his make-up skills by giving DIA‘s Chaeyeon a makeover. With Shownu being super gentle and charming, and Chaeyeon looking like an actual doll, fans can’t handle the explosive chemistry!


Shownu began by adding eyeshadow to Chaeyeon’s eyelids. The way he gently grazed Chaeyeon’s hair out of the way left fans breathless!

He seems so skilled at this…

— Chaeyeon


When the show hosts asked how she felt having her make-up done by Shownu, Chaeyeon shyly answered, “I like it.”


Fans absolutely love this brief but out-of-this-world adorable moment, when Chaeyeon bursts into awkward giggles and Shownu smiles ever so sweetly with her. It’s hard not to notice there are sparks flying everywhere!


Shownu then added some color to Chaeyeon’s lips. While he may not be the best make-up artist, he is most definitely the best looking one!


Chaeyeon ended up an absolute fairy princess. She wowed everyone by looking flaweless, especially with Shownu’s touch!


And with this level of chemistry, fans can’t help but ship these two hard.

  • “They lowkey looked like they both were enjoying spending time together.”
  • “The flags are up and it looks like a great day to set sail! Who wants to join me on this voyage!”
  • “Gosh, was I watching a k-drama? That gave me chills 😍”
  • “I screamed when he put his hand and hold her head. Ahh this ship, oh nooo please sail. I’m dying ahh I’m blushing”


Watch the full clip here: