MONSTA X’s Shownu Hopes To Be Like JYP And Usher 20 Years From Now

He hopes to continue doing music for a long time.

On August 19, Starship Entertainment unveiled Cosmopolitan’s 20th anniversary magazine cover that featured MONSTA X’s Shownu. This photo shoot revealed a laid back and chill vibe, with Shownu dressed in casual clothing and tousled hair.

In regards to being chosen for this special cover, he commented, “I was truly touched and happy to be chosen as the cover model for the 20th anniversary.”

This year also marks the fifth debut anniversary for MONSTA X. “I didn’t even realize that we have been promoting for this long. Although we’re not exactly the same as when we debuted, we are still doing many schedules and activities like we did back then.”

He added that the members of the group all had the same passion to show their best for the fans.

All the members have a lot of passion. Although we don’t set specific goals in mind for the future, we have been preparing for our concert during these hard times as another way to interact with our fans.

-Shownu, Cosmopolitan September Issue Interview

A question that Cosmopolitan asked everyone as a part of their 20th anniversary celebration was: “What is something that was ok when you were twenty but not ok now?”

To this, Shownu responded, “Things that don’t work now probably wasn’t ok back then too. If I had to choose, I guess acting cute?”

When asked what he thought were traits of a genuinely cool and influential person, he commented, “I think someone who chooses happiness and knows how to love them is someone who is cool and successful. These types of people have the passion to work harder.”

Lastly, Shownu expressed wanting to continue to pursue his career with music and hoped to be like Park Jin Young or Usher twenty years from now.

To find out more from this interview, keep a look out for the September issue of Cosmopolitan!

Source: sports chosun