Netizens Are Revisiting MONSTA X Shownu’s List Of Top Physiques With Surprising Results

Do netizens agree the top 3 are still in the top?

A while back MONSTA X‘s Shownu revealed the three male idols he thinks have the best physiques during an episode of Video Star and while it was big news at the time, netizens are revisiting this blast from the past and revealing their own thoughts on the subject.


Almost a year ago, Shownu was asked who the top three best male bodies in K-Pop were.


After thinking things through, Shownu picked EXO‘s Sehun


BTS‘s Jin


And Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel for having stand out bods.


As for his own group, Shownu had to mention Wonho!


At the time of the original broadcast, netizens were going crazy for Shownu’s picks and couldn’t help agreeing with him.


Now netizens are once again looking at his particular choices and are still wholeheartedly agreeing with him.

  • “They really are stunning.”

  • “Oh Sehun, Jin, and Kang Daniel! All their bodies are solid and they’re all so handsome.”

  • “They’re all built differently, but all have good bodies. Freaking love it!”

  • “Great picks Shownu! I mean just look at their proportions.”


With their broad shoulders…


Great proportions…


Abs for days…


And overall jaw-dropping visuals it’s pretty easy to see why netizens are still in agreement that these idols have majorly good physiques.


Netizens are also still in agreement with Shownu’s pick for MONSTA X…


Although many people think Shownu himself deserves to be mentioned too!

  • Shownu… you … too… your body!!

  • Shownu include yourself too. His body type is ideal lol. 

  • Shownu is so humble so he would have never mentioned himself but dang…have you seen him? My eyes have been blessed!”