MONSTA X’s Shownu Picks The Member He’d Allow To Date His Younger Sister

Though he doesn’t have a sister, he knows which member would be best.

Having debuted over five years ago and been together for longer than that, MONSTA X know each other far better than anyone else. When answering fans’ questions for ESQUIRE Korea, Shownu knew exactly which member would be the best for his younger sister to date—if he’d had one.

As soon as he’d read the Monbebe’s question, Shownu didn’t want to answer at all. “I’ll pass this question.” He then changed his mind altogether.

Since Joohoney also had his interview on the same day, Shownu checked if he was still nearby before answering. “Ah, is Jooheon still around?

Out of all the members, there was only one Shownu thought would be the best for the role. While chuckling, he offered, “I will choose Jooheon then.” His choice actually made perfect sense.

Because Joohoney and Shownu have such a strong bond that they call themselves brothers, it would make sense that he’d want someone so reliable to be the boyfriend of his imaginary younger sister.

See Shownu have a bit of a laugh by choosing the member who’s already his little brother.