MONSTA X’s Shownu Might Look Like A Complete Homebody, But He’s Never Really Home

He doesn’t like to stay home.

In a recent interview with BEAUTY+, MONSTA X‘s Shownu clarified some of his most wide-spread assumptions. In doing so, he made Monbebes feel like they got to know him tremendously better!


When he came across a misconception fans have about him being a complete homebody, Shownu pointed out that he actually prefers to be out most of the time.

This Chuseok I was kind of a homebody, but usually I try not to go home unless I have to sleep.

— Shownu


Shownu revealed that he is too much of an active spirit to stay home all the time!

I take walks. I go bowling. I play pool… I’m just an overall active kind of a guy.

— Shownu


Some Monbebes might take Shownu to be a homebody because of his totally-relaxed vibe…


… but make note, Shownu is all about that active lifestyle!


Watch the full interview here: