Monbebe Are Missing MONSTA X’s Shownu Extra Hard, And It’s Because Of This Video

There’s just something about him.

MONSTA X just posted a behind the scenes video for members Shownu and Minhyuk‘s Spring 2021 shoot with Y Magazine. Fans can’t help but thirst over Shownu while missing him like crazy.

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk (left) and Shownu (right) | Y Magazine

Shownu is currently carrying out his mandatory military service, so fans are constantly missing him. Since he is unable to communicate with fans, Monbebe are having to make do with past content, and newly uploaded behind the scenes videos.

Fans don’t know how they’re coping without him.

| MONSTA X/YouTube

Shownu is the full package. He’s both sexy and kind. He is also one of the underrated comedians in MONSTA X, and fans will know how naturally funny he is.

In this clip, he sucks the helium from a balloon.

| MONSTA X/YouTube

And then is amused by his own high-pitched voice.

| MONSTA X/YouTube

Monbebe love his sense of humor and miss it especially now.

Ugh, so gross, what is that? It looks like Devil fruit.

— Shownu

So though fans have already seen the photos from this particular shoot…

…something about the video just hits different.

Shownu was quick to unbutton his jacket when asked to for the photo shoot.

And fans can’t deal… but just look at him.


If you miss Shownu too, check out the full video!


Source: YouTube