MONSTA X’s Shownu Never Gets Angry But Reveals What Truly Annoys Him

He’s always calm, but Shownu can be shaken just a little.

Because MONSTA X‘s Shownu is tall and built, he could seem intimidating. He’s actually the complete opposite. Quietly looking after his members and taking care of them, he’s merely a gentle giant.

During his guest appearance on Problem Child In House along with NU’EST‘s JR, Shownu revealed that he’s never become angry. While that’s true, he admitted there was one thing ground his gears enough for him to feel irritated—but not full-on angry.

One of the hosts gave everyone a hint about something Shownu had previously revealed, “Shownu said on a variety show that he has never done this in his life.” While someone thought he’d been referring to showing his cute side, Jung Hyung Don hit the nail right on the head: “Anger.”

For Shownu, anger isn’t an emotion that he’s too familiar with. Despite dealing with his rowdy members and facing the negatives and positives of idol life, he can’t seem to be angered by any of it. He explained, “I said that I don’t get angry. I’ve never gotten angry before.”

Jung Hyung Don remembered another thing Shownu had shared about himself. He pointed out how seriously the singer takes his food, “But, you did say that you get a bit annoyed when you’re not fed on time.”

Before Jung Hyung Don could even finish the statement, Shownu couldn’t wait to agree. He chimed in with, “When they make me work without feeding me,” emphasizing the source of his annoyance.

Flexing the fact that he’d done his research on Shownu, Jung Hyung Don also noted there wasn’t anything else that had made him feel that level of irritation. “But, you’ve never gotten angry or annoyed about anything else.” Shownu nodded in confirmation to the words.

Although Shownu has never reached the point of full-on anger, not feeding him is a sure way to find out what an angry Shownu would look like.

Check out him and Jung Hyung Don discussing it here.