MONSTA X’s Shownu Revealed His Popularity Among Girls While In School

Hyungwon could read between the lines.

In episode seven of MONSTA X’s NEWTROLAND, MONSTA X did a bit of time traveling to remember fun moments from their pasts. In the process, they learned just how popular Shownu used to be among girls during his time in elementary school.

After recalling the old-school fashion that caused them to chuckle, the group was tasked with filling in the blanks of prompts they were given. There was one twist: they were love jang from the 1990s to the 2000s.

Most of the members had no clue what that meant, I.M and Joohoney sporting confused expressions. Kihyun even asked Minhyuk, “What’s a love jang?” There was one member who completely understood.

Realization crossed Shownu’s face as he remembered what they were, “Ah! Love jang!” They were an old school form of writing love notes by writing in a notebook. He was surprised the other members hadn’t received any, “Didn’t you get one?

That could only mean one thing to Hyungwon. Smiling a huge smile, he commented on how popular Shownu had been among his female classmates. “It seems you have lots of times!

Even after the explanation was provided, Shownu still couldn’t believe none of the members have received any love jang. Making the staff and his members burst into laughter, he asked, “You guys really haven’t? You really don’t know?

That alone proved Hyungwon’s point that he must’ve received so many of those love notebooks as a child, “What’s up with him?

It didn’t take becoming an idol for Shownu to become popular among women. He’s been stealing hearts ever since he was in elementary school. Have a laugh at Hyungwon pointing it out here.


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