MONSTA X’s Shownu Was Ready To Be Rescued From GOT7’s Yugyeom And SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

Shownu wasn’t prepared for their funny antics.

GOT7‘s Yugyeom, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, and MONSTA X‘s Shownu united for a special stage on KBS‘s Gayo Daechukje as the HIPSTARS to cover Rain‘s “Hip Song”.


Although they were fierce and powerful on stage, what caught fans’ attention was how playful they were during their interview portion. The fact that Shownu looked ready to be saved from Yugyeom and Mingyu’s shenanigans made it that much more amusing.

When they were announcing why they were named HIPSTARS and what made each of them fit the name, Mingyu was fully prepared to explain for Yugyeom. Mingyu named his hips and reached out a hand to make him turn around to show the audience. He then couldn’t pass up the chance to unknowingly embarrass them all.

As soon as Yugyeom turned around to show his backside, Mingyu quickly slapped his butt. Shownu even followed his lead, giving it a gentle slap as well. Mingyu was so satisfied with himself that he posed like a rockstar, at least for the moment.

Immediately afterward, Mingyu burst into laughter as he leaned forward. Yugyeom looked down as he shyly laughed to himself. Shownu simply smiled, looking like he hadn’t expected to be a part of their funny antics. In his head, he’d probably been thinking, “Just nod and smile.”

Mingyu can’t be controlled, even when it comes to idols from other groups. See him hilariously embarrass himself and Yugyeom while Shownu watched it all unfold. If HIPSTARS are this funny for a one-time stage, imagine how crazy they’d be as an actual trio.