MONSTA X Shownu Reveals How Lee Hyori Treated Him, When He Worked As Her Backup Dancer

Shownu revealed he and Lee Hyori share special memories together.

MONSTA X guested on On Two Yoo Project Sugarman 2 and during the introductions, Shownu shared his pre-debut experience working with Lee Hyori as her backup dancer.


When host Yoo Jae Suk directed the interview to Shownu’s backup dancer days in 2013, Shownu made everyone laugh claiming that he always gets this question.

“It’s been three years since I debuted as MONSTA X and I still get questions about when I used to dance for Lee Hyori.” — Shownu


Shownu playfully added that talking about Lee Hyori has gotten him more screen time and thanked her.


Shownu explained, “Lee Hyori would always take care of her dancers, with dinner parties and cash bonuses.”


He added that Lee Hyori helped the dancers look good on stage too.

“When we needed to look a healthy shade of bronze for certain performances, she would get us memberships at a tanning shop and had us get tanning services for free whenever we needed.” — Shownu


Shownu and Lee Hyori have had some incredible moments on stage, during her “Bad Girls” promotion.


Fans adore Shownu from these dancer days too, especially for his robot-like facial expression!


Watch Shownu share his memories with Lee Hyori here: